The lifelong process of knowledge!

The lifelong process of knowledge!


Updating your knowledge and skills is an endless, lifelong process. In a world moving at a rapid pace, keeping up is a challenge in itself. Unfortunately, this pace will not slow down, it will accelerate.

Catching up in your training often ends in giving up as the cliché in hockey goes, "playing catch-up hockey will always lead you to defeat."

So how do you do to stay relevant in an ever changing world?

I am always surprised to see project managers who are nearing the end of their three-year cycle for their PMP and who have not raised the number of PDUs required to stay compliant. Three examples of bad excuses:

1. I am caught up in demanding projects; I do not have time;

Training requires planning! For consultants, it is even more important! Each year, it is essential to assess the skills you need to update, develop or improve. With a schedule, it’s easy to plan you time and block your agenda. Stop focusing only on tasks and forgetting about yourself, think of your future!

2. I do not see the need, I am already managing projects. It’s always the same;

More reason to become a superior project manager! Go get the additional skills. You could earn the mandates that were not previously accessible to you!

3. My organization does not pay for my training.

Training is your responsibility! You must invest to improve your knowledge. A training expense should be included in your family budget. This is your future you are preparing.

It is wrong to believe that you absolutely have to attend courses in classrooms and must pay top dollar to gain knowledge. Training can also mean attending a conference, readings books and taking an assignment outside of your regular job, for example, becoming a member of a board of directors for a non-profit organization or do some business volunteering. Examples of training options can be very diverse!

Keep yourself relevant, you will always be in control of your career no matter what obstacles come your way.



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