MSP®, THE reference in program management

In a world where organizations are constantly changing, it is essential to master program management. MSP® is an effective and proven methodology for transformational program management. The MSP® framework helps organizations deliver complex programs that transform them.


If you are in charge of a program whether in implementation of new technologies, regulatory or organizational transformation, MSP® certification is for you. This methodology based on experiences in both the public and private sector has quickly become THE reference in program management.


MSP® Managing Successful Programmes online
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The MSP® methodology is based on three elements:


            7 key principles based on lessons learned from programs of a large inventory of private and public organizations.


            9 Governance Topics that defines the Organization’s approach to program management. It is that way that, leadership, a delivery team, a solid organizational structure, appropriate controls and many other themes form the foundation of your program.


            6 Transformational Change Processes give the steps throughout the life cycle of the program from design to delivery of new capabilities, through the delivery of planned results, realization of the benefits and finally the closure of the program.





The MSP Foundation Certification is the first of three levels. This level is intended to confirm that the candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of MSP® in order to interact effectively with the participating program management members or act as an informed member of the Program Office team, the Change Management team or the Project Delivery team in a MSP® environment.


The MSP® Practitioner Certification is designed to confirm that the candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of MSP® to act as an informed member of the Programs Office team. This person will be able to manage, lead, support and advise on the work in a MSP® environment.


The last level is the Advanced MSP® Practitioner use usually for trainers.


The knowledge learned during this course:

Understanding MSP®

• Basics – Principles, Themes & Transformational Flow
What type of program are you in?
What are the benefits of applying program management with MSP

Using the MSP® Principles

• How to link program investments to corporate strategy
• The Vision: describing and communicating a better future
• Using MSP
® to deliver measurable improvements
• Ensuring your program adds value
• Maintaining continuous improvement and applying lessons learned

Program Organization and Governance

• Setting up Program governance using a Sponsoring Group and Program Board
• What should the Senior Responsible Owner be doing?
• Focus on benefits – with the Business Change Manager

Delivering Transformational Change

• How to identify and define your program
• Delivering new capability and realizing benefits
• Co-ordinating projects & strategy with Tranches

Program level risk and issue management

• What to put in your program risk management strategy
• Managing risks in your program using tolerance, assumptions and early warning indicators

Managing Program Benefits

• Understanding outputs, outcomes and benefits
• How to prioritize benefits to create maximum value
• Balancing delivery costs with program benefits

MSP® Examination preparation

• Practice Foundation exam papers
• Practice Practitioner exam papers
• Practitioner exam tips and techniques



With your registration:

Attention, the course is in French but the material will be in English.

·      5 days of training with an accredited expert on MSP® by APMG-International

·      Availability of the trainer outside class hours to answer your questions (email)

·      Exam registration MSP® Foundation and/or MSP® Practitioner

·      The « Managing Successful Programmes » guide and all accredited course material by APMG-International


Meals are not included (food available on site)
Repeat examinations for students that did not pass are not included


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