Managing Benefits Certification

Managing Benefits should be the driving force behind your organization’s project, program and portfolio management. Measurable improvements – benefits – should be the rationale for change.

Yet most organizations cannot demonstrate the benefits they have realized from their portfolio, programs or projects. Public and private sector organizations have good methods and standards to deliver change. Billions of dollars are spent on change initiatives –but little is available to measure what change was achieved. In many case the problem is more serious – we decide on a product first and find the befits later. It’s the wrong way round.

A Guinness advertisement one said that “88,2% of Statistics are made up on the spot.” In business, this is less funny – research evidence in Managing Benefits points to the fact that benefits and business cases are being deliberately mis-stated to get change initiatives signed off. Strategic misrepresentation is common.

Managing Benefits Foundation and Practitioner 5 Fridays (Mar. 15,22 - Apr. 5,12,26)
Sherbrooke University in Longueuil, Montreal
5 days
Managing Benefits Foundation 3 Fridays (Mar. 15,22 - Apr. 5)
Sherbrooke University in Longueuil, Montreal
3 days
Managing Benefits online
E-learning Training
365 days

Managing Benefits takes on this problem – using best practice this standard will show you how to manage benefits realistically for shareholders or taxpayers to deliver competitive advantage or public value. Managing Benefits aligns strategy and benefits so that the latter can be forecast, measured and brought to reality. It will help you create a framework to measure benefits in a consistent way.



Ø Deliver benefits by realizing measurable improvements form project and programs

Ø Focus on what matters – the end not the process. Move from box ticking process to measurable benefits

Ø Use best practice in benefits management to improve confidence in delivery

Ø Implement benefits management techniques to remove delusion and deception from forecasting

Ø Overcome the planning fallacy. Stop believing “my project is different” – because you want to be. Plan from realistic and objective information, not simple confidence

Ø Control your portfolio with phased release of funding and stage gates

Ø Pic multi-disciplinary approaches to benefits. Use best practice in management accounting, behavioral science, neuroscience and systems thinking


This is the full APMG Managing Benefits course. It covers the full Managing Benefits syllabus to Practitioner level and included sample exams


Key learning points:


·      What is Benefits Management and why do we need it


·      Barriers to success


·      Benefits Management Principles


·      Benefits Management cycle


·      Benefits Management practices


·      Portfolio based Benefits Management


·      Applying Benefits Management techniques


·      Tool and templates


·      Managing Benefits exams




Your registration fee includes:

  • 5 days of training with a certified expert from APMG-International
  • The instructor is available to answer your questions by email outside of class hours
  • Registration for the Managing Benefits Foundation and Managing Benefits Practitioner exams
  • The Managing Benefits manual and all course material issued by APMG-International
  • Meals are not included (but food is available for purchase on site)
  • Re-registration for exams (for anyone needing to retake an exam)

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