Why a course in effective project meeting?

We all have at some point a difficult relationship with meetings, especially within the boundaries of a project: there are too many, they eat up too much time and yet we need to advance our projects.

The majority of our project meetings do not reach their full potential.

One of the key phrases of PRINCE2 is: "We need decisions, not necessarily meetings. We need information, but not necessarily documents." Of course, there is no project without meetings, but can these meetings become effective?


The project manager will attend several types of meetings during a project. These meetings involve different and complementary skills: from coach to facilitator or just as a participant, the project manager will wear many hats during the project.

Well-conducted meetings increase productivity, commitment and cohesion of the project teams.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of meetings often reflects (good or bad) project governance.

Several courses already exist on effective meeting management, however this course is aimed directly at project managers.

Your Trainers

Led by Patrick Girard (PMP, P2P, P3O, MSP and ACC) project management specialist and certified coach and Fabienne Polonoski, this course will enable the participant through individual and group coaching, theoretical concepts and games, to develop the tools required to effectively lead a project meeting.

This course also aims to:

Understand the basics of communication;
Implement effective project governance supported by appropriate meetings;
• Know how to prepare and conduct the various project meetings effectively;
Adapt the methods and practices according to the different project meetings;
Understand the differences between project meeting types: the kickoff, progress assessment, steering committee, work meetings and closing meetings.
Lasting 2 days, this course is essential for any project manager.


Your resistration fee includes :


·      2 days of training with 2 experts in facilating projects meetings

·      A training guide


·      Meals are not included (but food is available for purchase on the site)

Terms and conditions

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