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Okazy offers advisory services to help you grow your company. Every company is unique and needs to establish its own process for managing projects. Our job is to help you find it quickly, in addition to offering specialized training and recruiting services. We firmly believe that proper team composition and training is the key to achieving good results.

Advisory services

To progress, your company has to implement projects. Good ideas don’t garner value until they’re seen through to completion. Whether you want to increase profitability, reduce costs or improve your efficiency, projects are the only way you can evolve from your current situation to your future one.

Effective project execution will help your company meet its objectives. Do you find yourself asking these questions:

  • How can we set up a project office?
  • How can we define our strategy and establish governance?
  • How can we manage a portfolio of projects?

Okazy can help


How can you increase your professional expertise? You’ve gained valuable experience working on various projects over the years, but is that enough to set you apart from your colleagues? If you really want to stand out, you’ve got to develop your own continuing education plan. Okazy offers the kind of training that can make all the difference. Don’t settle for being a professional with experience—make a name for yourself as an expert.


If you’re finding the recruitment process increasingly complicated, you’re not alone. Companies and head-hunters alike are facing the same challenge. What to do? How can you find the right candidates for your projects? How can you find a job in a company that suits your aspirations? Okazy specializes in recruitment. We help companies meet their staffing needs so that they can roll out their projects. You can count on our expertise and network of contacts.

The 3 leadership magic solutions

The 3 leadership magic solutions

In my experience as a coach, I often have to guide project managers who want to “improve” their leadership. What a complex issue! What is leadership? How can leadership be improved? Is there a magic solution? Why ... read more

The unloved lessons learned

The unloved lessons learned

All references mention the fact that the lessons learned in projects are essential to ensuring future success. PmBok refers to the term “lessons learned” 63 times, while Prince 2 has included the notion as one of their ... read more

Standing out amidst the crowd

Standing out amidst the crowd

In one of my classes, I had an interesting conversation with the students who were all future project managers. Their question was: what is the added value of a project manager?

In a ... read more

Achieving project success, a matter of luck?

I read an article recently and stumbled upon a peculiar question: Does luck really play a role in the success of a project? It reminded me of comparison that Gus Ciala mentioned in an article on leadership: children of bad parents will not all end up becoming offenders and the opposite is also true, good parenting does not prevent children from growing up to be offenders. But this surely does not mean that we should be bad parents... ... read more

The lifelong process of knowledge!

Updating your knowledge and skills is an endless, lifelong process. In a world moving at a rapid pace, keeping up is a challenge in itself. Unfortunately, this pace will not slow down, it will accelerate. Catching up in your training often ends in giving up as the cliché in hockey goes, "playing catch-up hockey will always lead you to defeat." So how do you do to stay relevant in an ever changing world? I am always surprised to see project managers who are nearing the end of their three-year cycle for their PMP and who have not raised the number of PDUs required to stay compliant. Three examples of bad excuses: ... read more
Tired of projects failing?

Tired of projects failing?

Since the 1980s, the workplace has been continually redefining itself. The pace is quick and just getting quicker. Products are relevant for shorter periods of time and we have to constantly fight to keep our clients interested, lest ... read more

Project Manager Stockholm Syndrom

Project Manager Stockholm Syndrom

In 1973, a holdup in a Stockholm bank took an unexpected turn for the worst and an escaped inmate ended up taking three women and one man hostage. Despite their fear and suffering, the victims ended up bonding ... read more

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